TrafficPartner is the umbrella brand for all our companies, services and products in the traffic monetization space for both desktop and mobile.

Founded in 1998 the company group grew substantially, both organically and via acquisitions. We employ more than 400 people and have offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and in the USA.

We develop and run our own products. We are active in the dating space in 14 countries, like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Nordics, Australia and many more. We cover price models such as RevShare as well as CPM, CPC, CPL to advertise our products via different channels.

Here is what we offer and what we are looking for:



In our role as advertiser we’re looking to buy dating traffic (both desktop and mobile) and we will pay you the highest rates for your traffic.


icon_MobileOur curated mobile performance network SGMPro.com is always on the lookout for (exclusive) mobile offers like apps or mobile website products. As a network SGMPro.com is also interested in high quality mobile traffic from publishers. We also run our own mobile products which we monetize via carrier billing (3G) or other convenient payment methods (WiFi).


icon_PaymentTwo payment solution companies within our group help you with your billing and payment requirements, especially local payment methods for Europe or mobile billing methods to monetize your product are worth mentioning.


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SGM-Media.com is a worldwide known brand in the mobile entertainment industry for best mobile conversions and monetization. SGM covers both 3G and WiFi traffic with some of the best offers in the market and is capable to convert traffic in more than 190 countries. SGM is also always looking for new products worldwide in the mobile entertainment industry.

For more information please visit: www.sgm-media.com

RevShare Mobile Worldwide Networks Affiliate/Publisher Advertiser
SGMPro.com is a curated Mobile Performance Network which covers all verticals. It was built with the SGM Crew’s knowledge and experience of more than a decade. Particularly the IP filtering know-how is top-notch in the market. When advertising with SGMPro you know that you’ll get and pay for just the traffic your offer or app truly needs. Amongst the verticals SGMPro.com covers are sweepstakes, gaming, dating, shopping, health and many more.

You are an app developer who needs traffic? You want to monetize your traffic? Sign up today and benefit from SGMpro.com’s experience!

App developers who need more high quality traffic should get in contact with SGMPro.com today and start receiving really monetizing traffic and users tomorrow.

For more information please visit: www.sgmpro.com

RevShare CPA/CPL/CPI Mobile Worldwide Networks Affiliate/Publisher Advertiser
MailPartner.com monetizes your high risk email lists with exceptional converting mainstream offers and the highest payouts!

How it works:
You own high risk* email lists.
MailPartner has highly monetizing mainstream campaigns. We manage and constantly send out, deliver, segment, profile, optimize your campaigns, as well as take care of everything.

You only have to provide us your email lists and MailPartner will handle everything else. You get your profit share every month. Recurring!

*e.g. sweepstakes, adult, casual dating, entertainment, gambling

For more information please visit: www.mailpartner.com




Business Units – Payment Solutions



As a certified PCI Level 1 DDS 3 gateway Webbilling.com offers the most advanced payment gateway for your e-commerce transactions. Webbilling.com develops platforms which cover all technical billing system requirements, and furthermore enhances its solutions with a huge portfolio of consultancy and operational services.

All product and service components can be used in a modular fashion, which enables Webbilling.com to customize complete solutions matching your exact requirements.

Only about 25% of all Europeans own a credit card. Not all of them are willing to use it online. You need to offer local payment methods for the remaining 75%. Otherwise they won’t be able to buy your products or services even if they want to!

Webbilling.com covers a lot of different payment methods for 50 European countries, such as VISA, Mastercard, SOFORT, SEPA, Direct Debit, SEPA, paysafecard, ideal and many more.

Still offering credit card payment only? Start monetizing all European users today!

For more information please visit: www.webbilling.com



Mobilebilling.com allows you to charge your customers in a most user-friendly manner. Direct carrier billing (WAP- and WEB-billing) enable you to offer payments for your services to end customers via their mobile phone bill for all common carriers – with only a few clicks!

Single payments ranging from € 0.01 to € 30 will be cleared. Recurring payments can be charged up to € 10 per week – a perfect solution for quick, spontaneous purchases.

Another offer is Premium SMS: The range of the Premium SMS-services includes downloading logos, ring tones, and songs, as well as voting, dating, and chat-services.

You want to offer user-friendly WAP-billing? Contact mobilebilling.com today!

For more information please visit: www.mobilebilling.com