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September 14, 2021

A few tips from our experts on how to make a profitWe will tell you from personal experience how to work with dating more efficiently:Improvise. Experiment. Adapt

A few tips from our experts on how to make a profit

We will tell you from personal experience how to work with dating more efficiently:

Improvise. Experiment. Adapt - our story is happening here and now. You need to react instantly,

come up with new things and adapt to changes. Nothing stands still in arbitration. What worked

yesterday may no longer work today. Try new things, look for non-standard solutions. For example,

many countries are still in lockdown - smart affiliates simply change their approaches and adapt their

creatives for video meetings that are in our dating products. This allows them to earn money under

any circumstances.

Words are power. You need to know how to use this power. Bad translation = bad conversion. Bugs,

"unnatural" language can negatively affect user behavior. Use the power to your advantage!

Creatives must be fresh. It doesn't matter what kind of traffic you're working with, affiliate is a lot

about creativity and creatives. Native ads, push notifications, static banners - they have to be eye-

catching! In dating, images of women work better than men or couples. For niche products, you need

to select images accordingly, the entire funnel should be consistent from the image to the offer page.

By the way, we noticed that photos where people are looking directly into the camera have a higher

CTR. And the last thing - use female charms wisely!

Optimize and test constantly! Tests and test analysis are the basis of profitable campaigns. Test

everything: texts, banners, landing pages, individual parts of landing pages. Splits are essential for

proper campaign optimization. Try different approaches to find the one that works best for your

traffic! Never give up and do not stop.

Cooperation is key! An affiliate manager is your friend, he/she is as interested in your success as you

are. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback, a report on resources , or just an advice on offers and

creatives. TrafficPartner managers are always ready to answer any questions. We will help with

dating, because we know everything about it. Contact us - we will find something to talk about and

help you start earning.

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