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April 12, 2022

Different payment models for those who want to earn more.

Different payment models for those who want to earn more.

We have already talked about different payment models, but we would like to emphasize once again

that the maximum profit for our affiliates is a priority for us, therefore we are equally successful in

working on three main payment models and offer them to all our partners: CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost

per sale), or revshare - we forever share with you the money that your users spend in our products.

For affiliates and webmasters who are confident in the quality of their traffic and who want to get the

most out of it, we highly recommend trying the CPS and revshare models.

We have recently created our own smartlink using CPS, which we are currently testing in Scandinavia,

German-speaking countries, Australia, New Zealand and Poland. This is a promising new product that

primarily aims to increase your earnings. If you've always wanted to try getting paid for sales, now is the

time to try.

As for the revshare, the model is available for all our brands, in all GEOs (we remind you that there are

more than 50), and your commission is 50% in the case of dating offers and web apps for adults and 30%

in the case of our community offers.

Be sure that with us you will always find a suitable offer, country or payment model, because it is our

priority to make our partnership mutually beneficial and long-term.

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