Pouring on dating with TikTok

April 12, 2022

The popularity of TikTok is growing steadily: in 2021 it exceeded two billion downloads and 700 millionactive users.

The popularity of TikTok is growing steadily: in 2021 it exceeded two billion downloads and 700 million

active users. There is a lot of traffic in this social network and there are schemes of work with little or no

investment. The relative lack of similarity of the foreign TikTok segment by affiliates also makes this

social network an excellent field for experimentation.

Traffic arbitrage is a fickle sphere: bundles, networks, and sources either gain popularity or die quickly. In

such conditions, it is necessary to closely monitor trends and test new hypotheses. In this article we

would like to share a promising bundle "TikTok + Dating". Dating is a large and profitable vertical, and

TikTok is an entertainment platform with a huge audience and still mild moderation. With proper setup,

such bundle has every chance to shoot, even if you have little experience in arbitration. In the article, we

will discuss the main points: the minimum budget for a start and what kind of profit you can expect,

what accounts are there and how to set them up, consider the types of funnels and the nuances of

creating creatives.

How to set up an ad account

You can approach the maintenance of an account in TikTok in different ways: maintain a page manually

or rely on automation, purchase autoregions or create an imitation of live accounts. Experience has

shown that live accounts are more valuable and monetized better. Posts easily get into

recommendations to the audience and increase their reach, which ultimately affects the profit.

The imitation of a live page works better, since the platform's algorithm itself is engaged in promoting its

content. TikTok encourages entertaining videos that follow trends. Therefore, it makes sense to invest

time and effort in the design of the profile: it must visually and thematically correspond to the offer.

Comments should be open in order to raise activity and get into recommendations faster and more

often. You can increase the reach of your creatives by using paid comments and likes. A group or chatbot

in the messenger issues an assignment (subscribe, like, comment) immediately after the post is

published. This instantly increases reach and allows the creative to get featured in recommendations and

grab the audience's attention. Another option for promotion is comments under other people's posts of

similar topics with a call to go to the profile and click on the link. The maximum comment length is 150

characters. Do not forget about tags, they are quite effective in TikTok. To the standard dating tags

(#girls, #love, #sexy, etc.), you should add keywords that match the geo characteristics (#tradition,

#family) and the tastes of the target audience (#slim, #blond).

You can also make money on autoregs, but you need to take into account their age (snoozing time) and

quality (profile completion level). Snoozing is necessary for any account to maintain the illusion that the

page is being hosted by a real user. Auto-registrations with a snoozing of 7 days or more cost about $

0.4, but for a full-fledged campaign, you need at least 100 of them. At the same time, such accounts do

not live long anyway and quickly go into the so-called "shadow ban", when the algorithm simply hides

your posts from the target audience. 2-year-old auto-registrations cost about $ 50 apiece, but you will

need no more than 10 of them per campaign, since they have much larger coverage.

You can also create an ad account and submit all creatives for moderation. To do this, you need to

register on the TikTok for Business (https://www.tiktok.com/business/ru). This method is suitable for

completely white campaigns. An official ad account can promote three main types of ads. Full screen

splash screen when starting the application. In-feed ads - advertising in the feed, as native as possible,

similar to ads on Instagram (requirements for creatives - https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=9626).

Hashtag challenge - the brand launches a challenge with a unique tag, inviting everyone to participate. As

a result, lots of videos with this tag improve brand awareness. It is worth noting that for some countries

the list of target geos is limited (more details here - https://ads.tiktok.com/help/article?aid=9579).

As for business account payment models, TikTok works with CPM, oCPM (Optimized Cost per Mille), CPV,

CPC. There are three payment schemes for an advertising account. Prepayment - register an account,

upload creatives, go through moderation and then top up your balance in the amount of $ 10 or more.

The campaign starts only after that. Postpaid - Available for US, UK and France only. In this case, you will

start receiving invoices for payment some time after the launch of the campaign. Agent account -

includes all the tools and services of the platform, costs from $ 500 in advance. Such an account is

difficult to get, but it is a great option for scaling 100% of white campaigns.

Funnel options

Direct link in profile

It is difficult to pour directly from TikTok - active links cannot be placed in publications and descriptions

to them. You can add one active link to the account description, but the profile must be registered as a

business page or pro-account. Then you can place a direct link to the offer or pre-landing page. In this

case, a smartlink will be a useful tool - a smart link that will distribute users to the most suitable offers.

Smartlink is very helpful if you can post only one link.

Output to other social networks or messengers

In most cases, traffic from TikTok is sent to other social networks or instant messengers. An Instagram or

Snapchat page, for example, can be used as a spacer: warm up users and send them to an offer. A

chatbot in messenger or Telegram channel performs the same function. With such a pre-landing, you can

bring the audience to a private paid channel or to the offer itself.

In the case of dating, a three-stage scheme is often used. An adult video "with a plot" acts as a creative:

there is a plot, development, culmination in this video. These segments need to be cut and poured into

different stages of the funnel. In TikTok, which does not allow adult content (read more about

prohibitions here), we post a premise - a teaser, it lures users to a thematic chat or to a page on another

social network. There we are already warming up the audience with the middle part of the video with an

moderate piquancy. This stage is responsible for monetization, since it sells access directly to the adult

video culmination. It can be in a private Telegram chat, Snapchat, on the website.

Dating creatives

The post on TikTok is a priori short video. Nevertheless, both videos and photos can serve as material for

creativity. In the case of a photo, we add a text with an inactive link or a call to go to the profile on the

picture itself. In the process of creating a post, a filter and music are added to the image. Music is a must,

since users come to TikTok for entertainment, so the content should be beautiful and trendy. You need

to choose popular music, for example from the top of iTunes, and update it regularly.

As a video material for dating offers, webcams or "plot" adult videos are usually used. Webcam content

is suitable if we make an imitation of a live page on behalf of a girl. A video from an adult site is divided

into parts of varying degrees of frankness and posted on TikTok (harmless but attractive video), on pre-

landing (light erotica) and on the offer page or on a paid channel (pure adult video).

Startup budget

According to the reviews of affiliates actively working with TikTok, accounts survive on average up to 150

video creatives: this is about 5K – 10K subscribers. With due diligence and with a well-thought-out

funnel, you can squeeze from $ 200 to $ 15,000 from such a database with proper scaling.

When working with TikTok, you need to understand how willing you are to invest your time in tracking

trends, posting and other subtleties. TikTok campaigns do not like excessive automation, there are

always operations that are better done manually.

The plus is that the traffic can be considered free. If you do not start a pro account, but you yourself are

promoting a "live" page, you can do without investments at all. The step above is easy automation: you

need a VPN server, programs for duplicating applications (Parallel Space), auto-posting on all accounts at

once (TikTokTool), Android emulators (BlueStacks). The costs are small, many programs are free. If you

plan to buy integrations from bloggers or, for example, order software development specifically for your

funnel, you should invest a few hundred dollars to get started.

Why you should pay attention to TikTok

If you are looking for a fresh platform for sinking into dating - TikTok is worth your attention. Contrary to

stereotypes, the majority of TikTok users are in the 25–40 age category, while teenagers account for only


Only business accounts undergo preliminary moderation, the platform does not yet perform any major

checks, which means that you can work without fear of bans out of the blue. But do not forget that there

is a ban on nudity in TikTok. In order to pour on dating, you need to lure the audience to other networks

or take them to instant messengers.

You can start pouring with little or no budget. There are schemes for working with minimal investment:

for example, pumping a "live" page manually. But time for preparation will have to be allocated: stepped

funnels with pre-landers and high-quality teasers are more suitable for TikTok.

This social network has enormous potential and is growing steadily. Organic traffic and promotion

assistance from the platform's algorithm itself is a great reason to try TikTok as a traffic source.

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