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You are looking for your right partner to monetize your traffic? Through these channels below we match your traffic with exclusive, high-payout products! TrafficPartner is specializing in creating products with high conversion rates for the dating & entertainment vertical, both for desktop and mobile!

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Affiliate and Display Networks with desktop and mobile traffic are welcome. Allow your publishers to benefit from excellent products. Our highly trained account managers will support you in the best way possible.

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You’re a webmaster/publisher with websites and looking for the best solution to monetize your traffic? Sign up with us! Setup is quick and easy and our exclusive products will turn your traffic into cash in no time. We offer the easiest to use and state-of-the-art affiliate systems with very in-depth dashboards and analytics. On top of that our member companies have some of the quickest payout cycles in the industry and there’s always a personal contact available to make sure that your questions are answered and that processes run smoothly.

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You’re a media buyer or traffic broker looking for the best solution to channel your dating traffic to exclusive products? Get in touch with our New Business Team and they create the appropriate product portfolio for you.

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You’re an email marketing agency or you have great (legitimate) email pools? You would like to monetize your standalone shoot-out enabled lists with dating products? Then you should check out our exclusive dating products in 14 countries. Let us cooperate to turn your email address lists into cash!

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Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of our everyday life. If you are in the business of generating traffic from social media platforms here is some good news for you: We are interested in your traffic!

Ask us about how we can support you in monetizing your social media traffic best.

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Our Dating products are also promoted by TV commercials. We constantly run TV commercials to build up brand awareness for our products. This results in higher conversions for you, as users might already be aware of the brand and thus have more confidence and are more likely to register.

Our teams know the value of cross-media branding. Some of our brands/products have a TV presence of more than 5 years in their core markets. Brand awareness is continously on the rise.


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Our TV-Partners

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Price Models



RevShare is a split-up of profits between publisher and advertiser. Usually there is a set of percentages (e.g. 50%/50%) which indicates how the proceeds of a campaign are split up. It is a model favored in long-term business relationship where both parties have a continued interest in both maintaining the quality of the product and the traffic – a fair long-term relationship with payouts on lifetime base and highest earning potentials for you.

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CPM (Cost per Mille), also known as CPT is a price model frequently used in volume-orientated deals. It denotes the costs incurred per thousand views for a given ad or banner. It does not reflect whether the view of an ad resulted in an activity or not. In contrast, CPC (Cost per Click) measures the amount of actual clicks by the users to evaluate the performance of a campaign.

Our media buying team is professionally set up for those kinds of deals, so feel free to talk to us about it.

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CPO (Cost per Order) is our payment model for the first sale. It’s used by our product Dating Cafe.




Cost per Action, Cost per Lead and Cost per Install (mobile) deals are also very welcome. We are looking forward to setting up your campaigns right away.
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