Quality of the Traffic in Dating.

April 12, 2022

Dating is not a new vertical and, as they say, is evergreen. It is clear that affiliates always want tosqueeze out the maximum and get profit as soon as possible

Dating is not a new vertical and, as they say, is evergreen. It is clear that affiliates always want to

squeeze out the maximum and get profit as soon as possible. But it happens that with a good volume

and excellent CTR, affiliates receive a request from the advertiser to cut off part of the zones or stop the

campaign altogether. This means that the traffic was not of high quality.

Traffic quality can drop for various reasons. If you are deliberately pouring bots, doing misleading and

other murky schemes - be carefull. A long, stable campaign with low ROI is significantly more promising

than short-term excess profits. If you sincerely do not understand where you made a mistake: learn to

analyze and clean your traffic. In this article, we will tell you on behalf of the advertiser how to build

healthy partnerships and make sure that you are not turned off for bad traffic.

Why does an advertiser consider your traffic to be of poor quality?

Low-quality traffic is traffic for which the advertiser spends more than he ultimately receives. In dating,

they often work according to the CPL (cost-per-lead) model, that is, for a lead (registration), even a low-

quality one, you have to pay. Let's imagine the following situation (very simplified): you go to a CPL offer

and earn from leads ($ 5 per lead), and an advertiser sells paid messages within a dating site. A starter

pack for site users costs $ 10. If 80% of the 10 leads you listed turned out to be bots or “I just watch”

people, then it turns out that the advertiser pays you $ 50 and gets only $ 20, losing $ 80 of potential

profit. Of course, they won't want to deal with that anymore.

The two main traffic problems are bots and the wrong audience (which is recruited due to poor

targeting). Bots can get into the stream even without your desire. To prevent this, you need to check the

sources, specific placements, the reputation of the network where you buy this traffic. Follow the links to

read more about how to recognize bots and get rid of them. This is a sore subject in the affiliate industry,

so there are plenty of tips for dealing with bots on niche sites and forums.

As for audience and targeting, a lot depends on you and your ability to set up a campaign. The rules are

quite simple: define the target audience (TA) and target it, cutting off all others to the maximum. Basic

information about the target audience is usually in the description of the offer, you can also ask your

affiliate manager for advice. Managers are your best friends who, like you, are interested in the success

of your campaigns, so they will always help. What does targeting correctly mean? Do not offer dating

sites to grannies and teenagers, do not advertise an Android app for iPhone owners, do not send push

notifications in the middle of the night when no one sees them, or in the middle of the working day,

when no one is even thinking about dating.

Usually, an advertiser checks the quality of your traffic "on the fly" and very quickly stops paying for

fraud or asks to disable bad sources. It means, that for a deliberately bad quality, you still will not earn a

lot, but you will ruin the relationship for sure. And vice versa: for especially converting zones, you can

agree on an increased payout, and this is already a potential for scaling: more payout = the ability to

place more bids and get more good traffic. Be sure to always ask your manager for a zoned quality

report, this can help you find your gold mine.

How to improve traffic quality

If you decide to work honestly and want to improve the quality of your traffic, you should pay attention

to the following points.

Do you meet all advertiser's requirements? Your ad should not contain information that does not match

what users see on the offer page. If you promise everyone 50 registration bonuses that are not actually

on the site, users turn around and leave, as a result the advertiser loses money. This is called mislead and

such approaches are prohibited in most networks. When you mislead users with the sole purpose of

driving them to the coveted click or registration, you simply overwhelm the advertiser with uninterested

users who do not buy anything and only burn the advertising budget that goes to pay for your (low-

quality) work. Of course, in such case there can be no good relations and long-term productive


It is also important to design all elements of the funnel from creative to landing page in a uniform style

that matches the offer page. If the information differs, this also causes distrust. Therefore, at all stages of

the funnel, you need to develop one idea. Well, advices on target audience from advertisers shouldn't be

ignored either. If you have a clear vision of what audience you want to attract, this will help you with


Remember that you are not only selling traffic to the advertiser, but you are also buying it from the

advertising network. As a buyer, it is important to be able to analyze traffic and understand how much it

is worth your money. First, you need to choose a good ad network. Read reviews, discussions on forums,

study the list of traffic sources for a particular network and, if possible, check placements. Do not relax

when your campaign is already configured and launched, you need to analyze traffic and cut off low-

quality traffic yourself. This is more of a technical side of the issue. In the tracker or with the help of

other tools, you need to analyze the flow. Allocate converting zones, disable obviously failed ones, pay

attention to strange bursts of activity (these can be bots). Here you will find useful traffic analysis tools.

Building long-term relationships with the advertiser

Buying traffic should be approached responsibly, taking into account the reputation of the advertising

network, sources, and placements. It is important to be able to analyze traffic, set up targeting and

promptly respond to advertiser's comments (disable bad zones, increase converting volume). There are a

lot of analytics tools, learn to use them. The more you know about your traffic, the more accurate your

funnel will be. Precise targeting, well-developed creatives, and a well-tuned funnel are what make up

your dating success.

On the contrary, a mislead, a stream of bots and uninterested users can give money here and now, but

they will also damage your reputation and will not allow you to work with an advertiser for a long time.

Moreover, for using prohibited approaches (ex. misleading and bots), you will most likely be blocked in

the affiliate network. So, if you are deliberately pouring low-quality traffic, be prepared for the

consequences. This approach is short-lived: you will be quickly identified and disconnected. It's better to

work for the future and build a strong relationship with the advertiser. We at TrafficPartner are

interested precisely in building long-term, transparent and mutually beneficial relationships. You can

always communicate with us openly, tell about your approaches, traffic and the desired result, and we

will help you choose the right offers and conditions.

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