Review of large adult traffic sources.

September 14, 2021

Success in traffic arbitrage largely depends on the ability to make the right choice. An unsuccessfulcreative can be replaced in a few clicks; it is more difficult to quickly select a new ad network.Therefore, the choice of a traffic source should be thought out thoroughly.

Success in traffic arbitrage largely depends on the ability to make the right choice. An unsuccessful

creative can be replaced in a few clicks; it is more difficult to quickly select a new ad network.

Therefore, the choice of a traffic source should be thought out thoroughly.

In this article, we will consider five major sources of adult traffic. To collect material, we studied the

advertisers' reviews, analyzed the site of each of the networks and communicated with the support.

We paid attention to the functionality and ease of working with the platforms. In the article you will

find information about the minimum deposit, ways to top up your balance and additional functions

for detailed targeting and campaign optimization. Let's take a look at the features of each network so

that everyone can find the right one.


One of the largest players in the adult vertical. On the market for over 10 years. Recently rebranded,

you may know this network as Double Pimp or Double Impact.

Be prepared for serious moderation, you need to carefully check your ads for compliance with

network rules. The approval takes up to 2 hours on weekdays and up to a day on weekends.

Topping up your balance is possible by bank transfer (minimum deposit $ 500) or via Paxum

(minimum deposit $ 100). You can discuss payments via Paypal.

Basic formats: pop-under, push, native, interstitials, banners, video pre-rolls. Interstitials and native

ads are currently the best alternative to pop-unders, as they do not violate the updated Google


Features: Twinred offers users a feature of cross-market retargeting or behavioral retargeting using

multiple channels. Two tracking pixels are used to collect information about the user. So the user will

surely see your ad, albeit on an adult site.

It is also worth noting the prompt technical support in Skype and the internal anti-fraud system. The

company closely monitors publishers' work and traffic quality. However, not all geos have large

volumes of traffic, on average less than other networks.


This ad network has the largest traffic volumes - over 7 billion impressions per day. The company has

been on the market for 15 years, offers large verticals and a wide range of advertising formats.

Among others: e-mail, interstitials for mobile devices and desktop, instant message.

Detailed targeting by keys, geo, IP, language, device, time of day. There is behavioral retargeting.

Features: In addition to standard payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal and Paxum, users can top

up their balance via WebMoney.

Informative and intuitive interface. Large volumes of traffic across all geos. There is API support with

detailed integration manuals. Built-in tools to automatically optimize campaigns and bypass ad


The user is guaranteed to see your ad, and you will get back 10% -40% of views "stolen" by AdBlock.

Free and works on all platforms.

Those who spend more than $ 100,000 a year on ExoClick and follow all the rules of the network are

given access to traffic from - for 2021 this resource is considered the most popular adult

site in the world.


One account allows you to both buy and sell traffic on the platform.

You can create black and white lists that will allow you to target a very narrow audience: for

example, by IP addresses or a combination of a geo and a mobile operator. There are advanced

settings for automatic optimization: create a list of rules and the system itself will change the bid, cut

off unnecessary traffic, or, on the contrary, will remove the volume limitation from a well-converting

source. Also, a built-in anti-fraud system monitors the purity of your traffic and filters bots and other

fraudulent traffic.

Balance top up via Webmoney, Paypal, Paxum, bank transfer, transfer from a card through an online

system. In all cases, the minimum amount depends on the transfer method and ranges from $ 10 to

$ 500.

Features: Fast approval of campaigns, usually about 1 hour. There is a 5% RevShare referral program

for the earnings of attracted publishers or the spend of advertisers. Live Skype support. It should be

noted that the network offers few ad formats (native, banners, push, pop-under).


The Canadian company has been operating since 2008. They deliver traffic from the largest adult

sites including PornHub, RedTube, YouPorn, Tube8. Daily traffic volume is approaching 5 billion


The company takes security very seriously: Brand Protection based on RiskIQ protects client data

from viruses and hacker attacks. This system also makes sure that affiliates follow the rules of the

sites where their ads are running.

Targeting includes all common options, as well as geo accurate to the city, targeting by time of day,

keywords, sexual orientation.

Most of the inventory is made up of banners, there are also pre-rolls and pop-unders, but the

purchase of pops must be coordinated with technical support.

You can top up your balance via PayPal, Paxum, bank transfer or from a credit card. The minimum

payment ranges from $ 25 to $ 100. There is a daily spend limit of $ 250, it may be higher if the

account manager allows.

Features: you can see the average statistics on the targets and bids of platform users in your account.

The data is updated daily and allows you to always be aware of the demand for specific spots.

Affiliates with proven ad quality can use iFrame.


Network from Barcelona. In addition to the large volume and quality of traffic, the network stands

out for the presence of exclusive sources such as xHamster. There is support for API and RTB.

The inventory contains most of the popular formats: native ads, pre-rolls, interstitials, push, pop-

under, banners.

Available payment models include CPM, CPC, DCPM (Dynamic CPM), and CPMV (Cost per Mille

Viewable ads). With DCPM, you set a maximum bid and let the algorithm adjust it based on the

demand for the spot. So you buy traffic at the best price, without risking spending more than

planned. CPMV is the cost per thousand confirmed impressions that were definitely not blocked by


Balance top up methods: PayPal ($ 100– $ 1000), Paxum (from $ 100), credit card (from $ 100) or

bank transfer (from $ 500). The campaign has a minimum spend of $ 10 per day.

The minimum CPM bid is set, this value depends on the geo and format of the ad. The system also

displays Top CPM, it depends on the demand for specific spots. Trafficstars advise you to focus on

this figure and set a bid 10% higher than the Top CPM in order to get the first impressions in the


Features: It is possible to select RON traffic - all available spots for the selected format, or PRIME

traffic - specific sites and spots. Among the shortcomings, we can note the approval of about 2 hours

and the ban on iFrame.

The list of adult networks, of course, is much wider. Our article presents companies that have been

on the market for more than 7 years. To create the collection, we relied on the opinion of major

advertisers. However, we want to remind you that positive reviews and recommendations cannot

guarantee the success of your campaigns. In traffic arbitrage, you can only rely on your experience

and tests.

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