Review of mainstream networks.

April 12, 2022

Mainstream traffic: an overview of major networks.Mainstream traffic accounts for a significant proportion of all traffic on the network. Basicaly,mainstream is everything that is not adult. Entertainment, news, a variety of thematic sites

Mainstream traffic: an overview of major networks.

Mainstream traffic accounts for a significant proportion of all traffic on the network. Basicaly,

mainstream is everything that is not adult. Entertainment, news, a variety of thematic sites - all this can

be wisely monetized in a variety of ways. Mainstream traffic is great for working with dating, but you

should take into consideration all the rules and features of the sources. Our today's material is about the

sources and the peculiarities of working with them.

We've studied five major networks and will tell you about their distinguishing features and what to keep

in mind before starting work. In the article we will tell you: how to work with mainstream traffic and not

get banned, how much money is needed to start, and what are the restrictions.


The network with a billion impressions per day covers about 200 geos. CPA, CPC and CPM models are


In addition to targeting by geo, device type, and language, there is a user activity target. Choose from

four activity levels depending on your budget and campaign goals. You can also schedule impressions or

limit their frequency.

The inventory contains push, static and animated interstitials, pop-under. For push notifications, you can

set up automatic targeting with a fixed bid. There is also such a format as IPP (in-page push) - absolutely

all users see this ad, since IPP does not require a subscription to notifications.

To top up your balance, you can use a credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, UnionPay, WebMoney, Skrill.

Minimum deposit for bank transfer: $ 1000, for other methods: $ 100.

Features: Record low approval time for campaigns - 2 minutes on average.


In terms of traffic volume, Zeropark reaches about 3.5 billion impressions per day. The site has top

verticals with a breakdown by geo and starting bid. For example, the United States, the United Kingdom

and China are equally well suited for sinking into dating, gambling or nudity.

The platform offers three ad formats: push, pop-under and redirect traffic. In the case of a redirect or

zero click traffic, a user enters a website address with a typo and gets to a parked domain from the

Zeropark publishers database. RTB (real-time bidding) auction determines which ad the user will see.

Also in the network inventory there is IPP, this format allows you to receive transfers from iOS devices

even without a subscription. To work with push notifications, the network offers the CPC model, for pop-

unders and redirects - CPV.

You can top up your account via PayPal, bank transfer or from a credit card. The minimum deposit of $

200 is valid for the first time only. This amount is non-refundable.

Features: The platform's website has a traffic calculator that will help you estimate the profitability of a

campaign even before launching. API integration is available.


The network specializes in native traffic. The platform has 1.4 billion monthly users. Standard approval

for campaigns or new creatives takes 1 business day.

Take a close look at the ad requirements: network policies prohibit campaigns that promote non-

committal hookups, flirting, or any form of violence. You cannot use provocative headlines or eroticism

in creatives.

The CPC and CPM models are available. You can top up the balance with deposits within a month,

receive an invoice once a month, or activate auto payment. If you have already been assigned an account

manager, you can make a deposit and replenish the account only when the balance reaches zero, or

receive an invoice once a month for all campaigns. A fixed auto payment is available to all users: upon

reaching zero, the agreed amount plus a service charge of $ 0.30 + 2.9% will be debited from your card.

In order not to overpay for clicks, you can add a CPA Goal to your campaign.

Features: Taboola does not use third-party cookies to collect statistics, due to the serious trend in data

security on the network, this approach is a plus for affiliates. The platform has contextual targeting: you

designate the topics of the sites where your target audience is most often. Retargeting to hot audiences

is also available: for users who spent enough time on the landing page, made several transitions, clicked,

but never converted.


The inventory mainly consists of native blocks in the format of banners, carousel, out-stream video and

video on click. Detailed targeting by interests or categories is available for all formats. For an additional

fee, you can use cookies from Outbrain's partner companies.

The platform takes its reputation seriously and can freeze a campaign that has already passed

moderation if it suspects that the content is still not in line with the network's policies. It is forbidden to

emphasize sexuality and use excessively nude models in creatives: you will be banned even for a photo

of a deep cleavage. Also Outbrain is against ads for one night stands and adultery.

The network works on the CPC model. You can only top up your account with a credit card, the list of

supported countries can be found here. There is a 2.9-4% service charge for processing payments each

month, depending on your region. If your monthly spread is at $ 10,000 or more for 3 months, you can

discuss other top-up methods.

Features: If the goal of your campaign is not scale, but getting into a narrow audience, premium spots

are suitable for you: advertising will become a natural part of a thematic article on the publisher's

website. The minimum CPC for such spots is $ 1 USD


The ad network specializes in native push notifications. Traffic volume reaches over 5 billion impressions

per day. API integration is available.

Campaigns can be run in self-served or managed mode. If its managed mode, the platform will take care

of all the configuration and optimization.

The dating campaign must first be agreed with the account manager. Pornography, prostitution, escort

services are not allowed in creatives. It is forbidden to advertise paid dating sites.

There are three types of optimization rules: blocking a widget / sub-source upon reaching a certain ROI /

spread / number of conversions, etc .; automatic bid - sets a bid depending on the goals of the campaign

and the specified ROI or cost of conversion; fixed bid - changes the CPC to the specified value.

A cost-per-click (CPC) model is in place. You can top up your balance using Webmoney, Capitalist, Paxum,

CardPay and bank transfer.

Features: The platform provides access to traffic analytics broken down by geo and publishers: you can

choose a placement with low competition.

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