SEO - traffic for dating.

May 23, 2022

SEO traffic is a stream of people who found your resource on the network themselves and decided tovisit it: this is an interested target audience.

SEO traffic is a stream of people who found your resource on the network themselves and decided to

visit it: this is an interested target audience. Therefore, SEO traffic is highly valued by advertisers and is

given higher bids. In addition, this traffic can be considered shareware. You invest in optimization and

promotion of the resource - and over time you get a stream of hot leads. So you will not pay for traffic as


To work with SEO, you need to be able to handle specialized programs (for example, parsers), code, and

know the mechanics of search engines. Therefore, SEO traffic is most suitable for experienced affiliates.

If you are just looking for an untested source, consider SEO. In this article, we will tell you what to look

for when working with organic traffic for dating.

How to drive SEO traffic to dating

SEO is search engine optimization of sites, which means that all funnels begin with an Internet resource

that users find on the network.

You can create a site dedicated to dating, fill it with articles and tips on how and with whom to start a

relationship: the audience comes to you for valuable information and along the way clicks on the affiliate

links that you place on the pages of the site. And, of course, as a site owner, you can collect your

subscribers into databases for subsequent mailing (e-mail, push) and further monetization. Push ad

networks offer good bids for SEO traffic, plus you can send push notifications yourself and come up with

complex, interesting funnels - this is the advantage of owning traffic. And in the e-mail newsletter, along

with the content, links to the offer are inserted: just do not forget to keep a balance, do not overload

subscribers with offers, let them feel that your letter has value and benefits them.

There are also thematic directory sites: these are a kind of aggregators where you upload a lot of affiliate

links to various dating offers. It will be possible to find such a resource by request of the order "the best

dating sites in Russia" or "rating of dating sites". On the line of each dating site, put the CTA button join /

register with your affiliate link.

It looks something like this:

Approaches and useful tools

Affiliate marketing is an active and volatile industry, you need to follow trends and quickly respond to

changes. Tools like SEMrush can help you gather data about your competitors' SEO strategy and improve


Search engine optimization is largely about keywords. First, you need to compose the semantic core of

your site, that is, select a list of keywords that will promote it. In the article from the Seoprofy resource,

you can learn how to correctly compose the semantic core of the site.

You need to optimize the site based not on the name of the product / service / industry, but on the

search intent (what is the search intent and why it is important to take it into account). We know that

not every user who searches for “dating sites” will convert, but you can benefit from traffic for queries

like “where to find a girl” or “want to date”. Think big and diversify your keyword set to capture all of

your potential leads. The so-called "search unicorns" or broad keywords only cover a fraction of the

audience and are highly competitive. There is an easy way to find out which queries Google considers

relevant: open several dating sites or collections, and soon a block with a list of similar queries will

appear on the SERP page.

Another strategy is to find keywords that you won't find competitors with. It will be much easier to fight

for positions in the search results if only you and a couple of other sites have similar keywords. You can

check what content search engines consider top for your niche: this can be done using the "Content

Explorer". Or spy on competitors and find out what keys they are using: the Site Explorer tool, also from

Ahrefs, is suitable for this. Check out this resource for a lot of SEO related information.

If there are large resources linking to your site, it naturally raises your search rankings. Few resources can

be compared to Wikipedia in terms of the frequency of visits. To gain a foothold in the open

encyclopedia, publish quality content about dating and add your site as a source to the appropriate page

in the Wiki.

Also keep in mind that even a perfectly verified search engine optimization will be useless if your site

takes a long time to load - the user loses patience and just leaves. Find out how to make your site load

faster in Google's Developer Help.

If you decide to do SEO, it is worth remembering:

· Any resource needs time to promote, the site is a long-term investment. usually it takes at least six

months to promote a site;

· SEO traffic can be considered shareware, but you need to take into account the cost of creating, directly

optimizing and promoting the site;

· For high-quality optimization, you will need various resources and tools, for example, for content

analysis and keyword searches, budget for this.

· Lastly, investing in sites - you own the traffic, this allows you to create complex and interesting funnels,

and such a site has a cost in itself and can be sold

The Warrior Forum offers an up-to-date collection of tips on how to work with SEO in 2021. And also a

small insight from Google official John Mueller about SEO for new sites. We hope that this article will

help you in your work and shed more light on SEO traffic for dating. We are also always ready to help you

choose the best offers for your traffic.

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