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May 23, 2022

Today dating is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing - hundreds of millions of usersaround the world are actively using dating services and people will always look for intimacy.

Today dating is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing - hundreds of millions of users

around the world are actively using dating services and people will always look for intimacy. Dating is not

only a great starting point for newbies, but also fertile soil for experienced affiliates and teams to build

predictable business. And if in order to monetize some verticals (for example, nutra or gambling), you

need to build complex funnels that require large budgets and complex technical solutions, dating allows

you to work with classic traffic formats that are easier to launch and do not require huge investments. In

this article, we will analyze the pros and cons of formats that have proven themselves in the dating

vertical, and also share some of the nuances for a successful start of advertising campaigns.

Push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most productive formats for dating offers. Today there are three main

formats: web push, in-app push, and in-pagepush. Web push allows you to send notifications directly

through your browser. The second type of push, in-app push, activates notifications through installed

applications, which allows you to interact with an existing audience without attracting new users. In-

page push notifications work according to the pop-up principle, but are visually indistinguishable from

web push notifications. One of the main advantages of the latest format is the ability to deliver push

notifications on iOS and deliver ads to users who were previously out of reach.

Despite the fact that push notifications usually have a high CTR, this does not mean that after launching

a push campaign, you will immediately see a crazy envelope. A successfully created creative and a well-

thought-out funnel are of fundamental importance - test various options for pre-landing pages, monitor

the effectiveness of campaigns and do not be afraid to suspend unprofitable links in the early stages.

It is important to remember that not always the most relaxed or licked creative becomes more

successful than others - often the greatest effect is achieved not by porn stars or top models, who are as

socially and aesthetically distant as possible from real users, but completely ordinary people who do not

create such a gap. Practice shows that creatives in push notifications quickly lose their effectiveness, and

therefore it is recommended to change them often and constantly test new options.

In addition to creativity, it is important to empirically choose a suitable network and get into targeting,

while not forgetting to take into account the time of arrival of notifications. It's a bad idea to send push

notifications during the daytime on weekdays, when most users are solving work problems. Much better

- the evening hours and weekends, when need of solving business issues decreases, and the desire for

socialization, on the contrary, increases.

You can also add about the segmentation of campaigns by device, browser.

Native Ads

The success of native advertising is due to the fact that the format does not outwardly resemble typical

advertising content and allows you to attract the user's attention and increase CR. The native format

promotes long-term audience engagement and is great for dating, but it also requires special attention

to creatives and text block.

The key task of an affiliate marketer is to find the perfect combination of text, visual, and offer. Before

launching, it is better to test various options: for example, a prepared visual may not work well with one

text, but show excellent results with another.

In addition, for long campaigns, you need to change creatives from time to time.

Pop traffic (Pops)

The format is still very popular among affiliates and, despite the fact that it is as old as the world, pops

still convert perfectly. Like push notifications, this format is suitable for both novice affiliate marketers

and those who have been in business for a long time. Pops have huge volumes in all GEOs. Other

benefits include no need for creatives to successfully launch a campaign.

Pop traffic is considered to be one of the simplest ad formats. An important role here is played by high-

quality landing page, as well as a simple offer funnel. The main recommendation for a successful low tide

is to learn how to cut bots (enough has been written about this), as well as skillfully draw up black and

white lists (even more has been written about this, we like the detailed article from the guys at Brax).

Do not forget that it is difficult to pour the pop format in TIER 1 and 2 due to the high level of

competition and the high cost of traffic. Moreover, pop traffic is often used to subscribe to push

notifications, which drives prices sky-high. But in the countries of the third TIER range, you can find your

own gold mine.

Particular attention should be paid to mechanics. Try to get the most out of the format. For example,

collect push notifications on the landing page or experiment with scripts to increase efficiency - blocking

/ redirecting the back button, enter / exit pop-up, direct traffic, alert or second window.


Banners are probably the oldest ad format on the internet. The success of a banner campaign is related

to targeting real users.

Don't be afraid to experiment with creatives. A dating banner should convey emotion - the brighter the

emotion, the better the performance. Immediately offering users what they need is the main function of

the format. The perfect banner sells before the user decides to click on it.

Don't forget about targeted targeting. Create Blacklists, test different placements. In addition, like the

pop format, banners are more difficult to flow in TIER 1 due to the high competition, so it's better to pay

attention to TIER 2 and 3.

General recommendations when working with dating offers:

· Precise targeting with special attention to low tide areas

· Try different combinations and traffic sources;

· Monitor indicators regularly - do not be afraid to stop an offer that does not bring expected results, but

do not forget that a full test takes time and a sufficient amount of traffic;

· Work in tandem with the selected advertiser / network - in many ways the success of the campaign

depends on it, so do not hesitate to contact the manager with any questions about current offers. We

will help you with advice and deed.

Ad networks

Verified ad networks that we can recommend to you and where you can buy the formats described in

the article. Their plus is that they are not as promoted as the largest networks in the industry, which

means it is easier to find your piece of the pie there, especially since in each of these networks you will

find exclusive zones that are not found anywhere else:




Despite the limitations and general anxiety caused by the new strain of coronavirus, dating is still an

extremely successful and in-demand vertical, and will always be - because a person will always need to

communicate with another person, this suggests that dating is a stable vertical on which you can build a

sustainable business.

And TrafficPartner can become a reliable support and loyal ally in this business.

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