Adnium Exclusively Launches’s EU Members Area Traffic!

Nov 16th, 2017

TORONTO - Besides Grand Slam Media marking its ten year anniversary, is joining the company’s festive spirit through serving an amazing offer for the first time ever -’s European Members Area Traffic. Adnium considers itself the next generation ad network and supports open RTB as self serve system. Seeing that the company is also known as “security first” platform, any interested party is encouraged to apply right away to receive popunder ad access “asap”. With a release set for November 20th, 2017, an earlier depicted high level plan is in full swing and will supposedly end the year with a deeply promising bang. Considering a portfolio of 13+ top performing sites being made available right from the start, such as, or, the hype seems justified.

“We’re extremely satisfied to finally serve this remarkable offer,” said Luke Hazlewood, CEO Grand Slam Media.

“It’s been quite the build up, but our extensive test runs will now eventually pay off - especially for our customers. So, starting November 20th, 2017, advertisers can be assured that buying members area ads will lead to higher conversion rates and profitability. On the other hand, publishers that’ll display ads can charge premium CPM (Cost Per Mille) because of the superior quality. We’ll be kicking things off with desktop and mobile popunder ads.”

“We’re not offering anything that hasn’t been proven successful on our end,” explained Michael Reul, CEO “Numbers have shown repeatedly that revenue is absolutely incremental.

With 100,000+ impressions daily? This can easily become a new and rewarding income stream for many advertisers and publishers.” Earlier this year, Grand Slam Media and released numbers to allow more insights into the topic of membership area traffic. These have underlined that a loss in member subscriptions, according to their A/B test results and learnings from considerable monitoring periods, is nothing but a myth. Revenue increases, revealed in July 2017, looked very assuring regarding their DACH dating sites. An average upside of 30.5 percent through ad sells had been noted and stated that ad revenues started to make up 25 percent of their earnings.

The offer delivers a paramount portfolio of performant sites right away, including, but not limited to,,,, and

“These are the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region's top 5 sites,” Hazlewood said. “Of course they’re already highly converting, but the roster is delivering more than 13 products altogether. Sites like, or to name a few. Also, besides the aforementioned regions, TrafficPartner will open up other GEOs like the Nordics. Of course this is just a starting point for what we’re planning to unleash. You can expect some big announcements coming soon! Keep your eyes on Grand Slam Media, Adnium & within the next weeks. I don’t want to spoil the excitement at this point, but we’re not done with 2017 and thrilling deals are in line to amp up revenue possibilities even further!“

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” Hazlewood continued. “Anyone, with an eye on our press releases, social media channels or newsletters, will have seen that we’re constantly pushing exciting updates since the collaboration with started.

Also, that we’re feeling like a literal dream team at this point. However, it’s not about just having a bold statement with an attitude out there, but rather realizing that our synergies and individual expertises are just the perfect match! Anyone trying our offers will eventually come to see that clearly, especially when our services start adding to their core revenue!”

Contact the team now to apply for access here:

Affiliate World Asia 2017

Nov 15th, 2017

As Benjamin Yong, the thought leader of STM, said “This is the real conference for serious people who want to make money in affiliate marketing. Solid, genuine, and most importantly, no bullshit.”

What conference he was talking about? Of course the Affiliate World Asia. From the 6th to the 7th December network founders, investors, experts and other tech giants of the industry are invited to the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Of course TrafficPartner won’t miss this out and is at the Affiliate World Asia again.

Every online marketer should gather at this offline meeting point of the affiliate industry. Networking and learning from each other was never easier or more fruitful. As cherry on the icing you get all the professional advice, tips, tricks and the best service in the business exclusively from TrafficPartner if you schedule a meeting beforehand with us.

So go ahead and tell us if we will meet you at the speeches, panels, the networking market or the other events of the Affiliate World Asia! Welcomes DatingCash / Mad Offers

Oct 11th, 2017

Netherlands - is extending its already vast roster of monetizing services for adult and mainstream traffic. The company has just released news that a partnership with DatingCash / MAD Offers had been secured recently! This move supposedly adds yet another strong layer of appeal, thus making the traffic conglomerate even more alluring for publishers, networks or advertisers with an adult or mainstream focus.

It seems the mantra “Vollgas” is shared already. Optimization for new European countries allegedly comes first and DatingCash / Mad Offers are already on it.

“A short-term goal on our end is to further optimize the products and expand services to new countries fast,” said Bram Bolt, co-founder and managing director of DatingCash / MAD Offers. “At the moment we’re targeting France, Switzerland, Austria and the UK specifically, while the Netherlands and Belgium naturally remain our strongest markets. Before we’re headed to new regions though, we simply want to ensure a top notch service delivered to the new audience. Of course, we’re already stellar in this regard, but we feel with on our side, we’ll be able to push our tech even further."

“They are professionals when it comes to ROI maximization for mainstream, gaming and dating traffic in Europe,” said Michael Reul, CEO

“Earlier this year we’ve welcomed Grand Slam Media / Adnium to the TrafficPartner family, just a couple of weeks ago we could happily announce VR Bangers on board with us and now DatingCash / MAD Offers will allow to fortify and diversify our European offers, while keeping our global growth going at the same time. Shortly put, there’s a sensational amount of power in the house of and anybody is welcome to benefit from our expertise. That is, if you are an affiliate or advertiser looking for the best ways to increase revenue, highest payouts and other lucrative facets.”

Even though the companies had not been involved business wise before, there were plenty occasions where contact was made and maintained.

“Generally speaking, it was very important for me to know Michael (Reul) and Andy (Wullmer),” Bolt continued. “You know? A good personal connection. So, when negotiations really started, obviously the existing synergies made for high interest from our end. Although, we also wanted to become part of the family, because we already knew of the extensive knowledge and power behind! We couldn’t wish for a better partner when it comes to dating products for example or analytics that help achieve the next level.”

While both companies are focused on preparing next steps together, interested parties and existing customers can already look out for offers from the Netherlands and Belgium at this stage.

“Naturally, clients can push DatingCash’s great converting NL and BE offers, like or to name a few, within the TrafficPartner Performance Network,” Bolt explained. “Meanwhile Digital Performance will handle media buying for our brands. In the best case scenario, this will make for better converting products and the desired extension for new geographical areas. If you’re not already signed up with DatingCash, now is the best time to give our Affiliate program a look. Optimizations are being rolled out gradually as we’re talking here and anyone who becomes a partner will feel our improvements soon! We’re taking big steps considering Usability and conversion optimization. Look out for our new WL editor with full SEO support and some interesting surprises! ”

MAD Offers are said to be delivering offers from the biggest advertisers for the dating, gambling and mobile space. Combined with best converting landers and flows with supposedly highest payouts on PPL and PPS. The company also contributes PPL and Revshare for the gaming vertical.

DatingCash provides several promo tools and a wide range of landing pages which allegedly maximize conversion of their customer’s traffic. Optimizations started and should allow for achieving the highest possible profits and payouts. DatingCash also has the option to promote their brands or create a white label. Besides CPL, the company gives out 45 percent on lifelong revenue share.

For more information, please get in contact with via:

Meet TrafficPartner in Lisbon and Madrid!

Oct 10th, 2017

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end and so does the event season for 2017. But never fear, you can still meet us at some summits. And we’re not talking about any ordinary events either.

How about the Web Summit in Lisbon? From the 6th to the 9th November the technology community will be connected with all kinds of industries there and thus form the largest technology conference in the world. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to learn and connect. Start-ups might find new investors and old-timers will see new and fresh opportunities for their business. After all, famous speakers like the CEO of Reddit or Intel, the President of Microsoft or the founder of Tinder share insights about their daily work. Prominent people like Al Gore, Caitlyn Jenner or François Hollande take the stage too and talk about their experiences.

This means there is not a single reason you should miss this out – especially as TrafficPartner will be there, too. We don’t exhibit at the Web Summit but we would be glad to meet you there, talk about the business or the speeches we heard.

After that we continue our work in Madrid at the Mobile Summit. From November the 14th till the 15th this event invites everyone that’s in the apps, mobile games or adtech ecosystem. You want to know how to develop profitable apps, monetize them via advertising or in-app-purchases, how to get more users or how to analyze your data properly? Then the Madrid Mobile Summit is must-attend show for you – and of course for us as well.

We will be there as an exhibitioner and would love to meet you and talk business with you!

So don’t wait any longer. Drop us an e-mail at and schedule a meeting with us!

VR Bangers and Secure Partnership!

Sep 12th, 2017

EUROPE - and VR Bangers have announced a promising partnership. As of September 2017, customers of both companies can look forward to captivating enhancements.

Just recently, revealed plans to expand their services to Europe soon. While first steps would most likely focus on Germany, due to the country being another strong market for adult entertainment besides the U.S., other regions are supposedly considered as well.

“If there’s a need to convert virtual reality erotica demands strongly, I’m confident that VR Bangers can deliver full satisfaction. Therefore, a partnership became a no-brainer pretty early on,” said Michael Reul, CEO “Founders Daniel Abramovich and Boris Smirnoff not only have a similar mindset like us, when it comes to expertise and foresight, but furthermore VR Bangers itself as a product is highly and equally attractive for customers and affiliates.”

“We’re interested to see our product grow even more,” said Daniel Abramovich, CEO of “For my understanding, is the perfect ally to ensure our site’s availability and visibility for a European audience. They’ll be boosting our expansion plans and meanwhile, we can offer them exclusive 3D 4K VR content, with the most desired pornstars in adult entertainment, delivering a highly converting product in their portfolio.”

VR Bangers is said to be greatly inventive. The company had unveiled a POV (Point of view) head rig for performers in January 2017, introduced eager PlayStation VR owners to their 360° degree content via a hack tutorial and received wide coverage when working to offer the “VR Bangers Hotel Experiences” set to start in Hotels. “We’re always looking to take virtual reality further,” explains CTO Boris Smirnoff. “You can’t simply offer unique content only, even when it’s very alluring by itself of course, but rather aim to find even more ways to take VR above and beyond.”

“Virtual Reality seems to become bigger by the minute,” said Reul. “It’s not the exact same momentum as we’ve seen before, when the online adult entertainment industry exploded as a whole, but it looks to remain as part of people’s way to consume media in the near future. So, we’d been on the lookout for a strong brand in this regard and I couldn’t come to think of anyone else but VR Bangers for a partnership.” While there is nothing set in stone yet in terms of a timeline,’s CEO had this to add: “With our structure, we can elevate their availability in no time. From translated menus, to possible CRM methods that make for secondary revenue streams or upgrades to the payment system to meet European demands. There are just so many exciting options, which will benefit our affiliates at the same time, and we’re really looking forward to sharing new developments soon.”, being an umbrella brand for a huge selection of companies, services and products in the monetization space, seems sure to see its business partners benefit yet again. “We’re constantly evolving and this step will surely cover the virtual reality trend,” said Michael Reul. “If you’re looking to get more information, please contact our team at or get in touch personally at XBIZ Berlin and September’s other events. We’d be glad to discuss the topic with you and see how you can profit soon!”

Meet TrafficPartner at the TES in Prague!

Aug 15th, 2017

What’s better than a networking event from professionals of the online entertainment industry? Nothing, really. But you get some nice icing on the cake with an event that offers luxurious lounges, one of a kind surrounding activities, its own poker tournament and lots of amazing parties right with these opportunities to connect, grow and make deals.

A dream no more: The European Summit in Prague from September the 14th – 17th is all that and more.

TrafficPartner will be there too and we want to meet you! Drop us an e-mail at and schedule a meeting.

We tackle something new and refreshing with this one!

Aug 14th, 2017

You can meet TrafficPartner at dmexco in Cologne this year!

Dmexco is one of the most important mainstream hotspots for digital and global merchants. On the 13th and 14th September 2017 you will find over 50,000 visitors, more than 1,000 exhibitors and 250+ hours of panels, seminars, speeches, discussions and much more.

TrafficPartner not only makes sure you stay fresh and hydrated during the expo and conference but of course, that you find the best solutions for your mainstream billing solutions, mail monetization and much more!

Meet us at dmexco and schedule a personal meeting at

TrafficPartner Group exclusively presents: XBIZ Berlin 2017!

Aug 9th, 2017

Join us from September the 11th – 14th for unbelievable opportunities to grow your business, to discover cutting-edge products, new services and even better solutions for all your problems. Gain insight in everything worth to know in the adult industry at the moment and mix business with pleasure at the special events powered by TrafficPartner.

You’re wondering what you can look forward too? Well, how about special Sponsor Happy Hours, a unique sightseeing tour, Karaoke with the one and only Andy Wullmer or a Sausage Fest? If you want to know even more and stay updated about what is planned for the XBIZ Berlin, follow us on Facebook.

Of course you can arrange a personal date with us for Berlin, too. Just drop an email at

WebmasterAccess 2017!

Aug 7th, 2017

Imagine: Making money and connection to the leaders of the adult industry right between picturesque canals, freedom-loving people and a luxurious view over a colorful skyline. Now fancy that this is no dream at all but reality waiting for you to conquer it!

That’s right, at the WebmasterAccess from September the 8th – 11th 2017 in Amsterdam more than 1,000 attendees seek the same thing as you do: To grow their business, get to know the latest software solutions, find new billing and e-payment providers, get design services and to learn how to utilize their traffic in an innovative way.

TrafficPartner will be there for you, too and together we can work on you getting new contacts, increase your knowledge and get profitable business deals.

Listen to our seminars for more insider knowledge or ask us for a personal meeting at

Meet us in New York!

Jul 3th, 2017

How do you get three days of guaranteed packed marketing power? Simply by meeting us in New York in July! Let’s start with the Mailcon on July 29th, shall we? Over 500 companies, tech-provider and marketers working with e-mail specific content will be present. And of course, we’re there too!

Let’s continue on the next day with the Affiliate Summit East, starting on July 30th till August 1st. This giant trade show covers everything digital entrepreneurs could ask for: Affiliates, merchants, networks and traffic sources can be found here. The Affiliate Summit attracts people from all over the globe, who wish to learn a thing or two at the panels, speaks, seminars and all the other program points.

Of course we are present at both shows and would love to meet you there. Simply send and e-mail at and let’s schedule a meeting!

TrafficPartner at the LAL Expo in Colombia!

Jun 29th, 2017

Meet our one and only TrafficCaptain Andy Wullmer in Cartagena, Colombia, at the LAL Expo. This trade show is the go-to event for the adult business for Central and South America.

The LAL Expo brings together Adult Entertainment Professionals, Models and Webcam Studios for great opportunities to expand, network and to close deals.

Don’t miss this and meet up with Andy. Just drop an e-mail at

Meet us at the Affiliate World Europe in Berlin!

Jun 7th, 2017

The next big event is right around the corner: Meet us at the Affiliate World Europe in Berlin at the 14 – 15 June. A one-of-a-kind offline meeting point for online marketers. The affiliate industry gathers here to network and learn from industry leaders. Of course TrafficPartner is not going to miss this event and we hope to see you around, too!

Of course the adult biz is going to maintain a low profile at the AW Europe – Which doesn’t mean we won’t rock Berlin. The AdultGarten is just one day before the conference at Birgit&Bier. A great location to ensure an amazing party for all the dating and adult affiliates from TrafficPartner.

If you would like to receive an invitation for the AdultGarten or want to schedule a meeting with us at the Affiliate World Europe, just drop us an email:

See you in Berlin!

Hot, hotter, XBIZ Miami!

May 29th, 2017

Guess who’s going to be at the must-attend summer event this year? That’s right: TrafficPartner! And we look forward to meeting you there.

XBIZ Miami from May the 30th till June the 2nd will bring together the top decision-makers of the adult biz from across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Three glorious days of business-networking opportunities, beautiful girls and sunny weather await you – plus the highly anticipated bestowal of the XBIZ Cam Awards 2017 for the best of the best in the world of Live Cam Entertainment.

If you would like to receive some information in advance and/or schedule a meeting with us, just drop us an email:

Don’t forget your sunscreen and see you in Miami!

Meet us at the Eurowebtainment 2017!

May 11th, 2017

The TrafficPartner Group will attend the Eurowebtainment 2017 in Mallorca this year again. Meet us at our lounge, at the pool or at our Meet Market Table.

If you would like to get some information in advance and/or schedule a meeting with us, just drop us an email:

Looking forward to meeting you!

TrafficPartner presents AdultGarten 2017!

Apr 26th, 2017

After the incredible success of AdultGarten 2016, we are going to take it up a notch this year!

In light of the Affiliate World Europe the TrafficPartner Group brings together the who’s who of our industry in the most awesome location of Berlin – Birgit&Bier.

Prior to the AWEurope 2017, at June 13 we rock again Birgits Biergarten. Start at 9 pm. Don’t miss. Come and join the party!

Dresscode: None. Partymode: Hardcore. Booze: Free. Boobs: Of course. Bratwurst: Plenty.

Find more info on Facebook

Meet us in sunny Arizona!

Mar 10th, 2017

The TrafficPartner Group will be attending The Phoenix Forum in sunny Arizona from 22-26 March 2017.

If you would like to get some information in advance and/or schedule a meeting with us, just drop us an email: or fill out our contact form here. Looking forward to meeting you!

TrafficPartner Group at ad:tech New Delhi!

Feb 9th, 2017

Since years the gross domestic product of India is thriving and so is the technical evolution of its market. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the ad:tech in New Delhi is growing too. From the 9-10 March 2017 the 7th edition of this event invites interested people from around the globe.

There are a lot of reasons to attend this amazing event: You can learn all about the smartest tech innovations that will enable you to stay ahead of competition, India’s biggest digital marketplace with over 6500 attendees and more than 90 exhibitors, inspirational speakers like the head of L’Oréal, Nestlé or Lufthansa and of course a lot of networking opportunities.

Don’t wait any longer! Get your tickets now and meet us there! For a personal meeting with one of our attendees just drop us an email at or visit our booth no. 55!

The European Summit 2017!

Feb 3th, 2017

Looking for an intensive 3-day networking event full of professionals from the online industry? Don’t look any further! The European Summit in Sitges/Barcelona from 4 to 7 March provides you with all kind of people, news and important information from the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, dating, gaming, gambling and many other businesses!

Of course TrafficPartner is not going to miss out on this. Fancy meeting us while having fun at the karting grand prix or a casual round of golf? Want to know how to build a successful business through seminars, expert-to-expert conversation or product presentations? The European Summit is there for you – and so are we!

Book your tickets now and drop us an email at to meet us personally or visit us at our business lounge no. 17!

TrafficPartner at all the important events in January!

Dec 7th, 2016

You think the only exciting activity in January will be your attempt to lose the Christmas pounds you gained over the holidays? Think again! Because January has a lot of amazing events to offer and the TrafficPartner Group will be part of it.

2016 had been an eventful year and 2017 does not intent to rank behind that. If you haven’t had the chance to meet with us be sure to save those dates in your schedule.

The XBIZ in Los Angeles on the 9th January to the 13th marks the start of it. The adult industry’s leading publisher of business news and information invites you to its meeting. You can gain insights into top trends, emerging business opportunities and hear about niche topics and business facts, discover new products. The XBIZ also marks one of the industry’s biggest nights with the XBIZ Awards to honor the year’s best. And of course you can meet those at the mix and meet market there.

If you can’t get enough of meeting important event attendees from companies from all over the world (and us!) be sure to book your ticket for the interNEXT. From the 14th to the 17th January it’s all about mixing and mingling with the participants of the expo at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Educational seminars, workshops and labs face the important issues of the industry.

Not far from the interNEXT will be the next must-attend for you and the TrafficPartner Group. In the Paris Las Vegas Hotel gather more than 6,000 digital marketers from over 70 countries for the Affiliate Summit West 2017. From the 15th to the 17th January you find yourself in three tradeshow areas packed with affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks, technology providers, digital agencies and traffic sources. An online tool is going to help you connect with other attendees before, during and after the Affiliate Summit, making sure you get the most out of your visit.

Book your tickets now and meet us at these three events. And to make sure you meet us personally just drop us an email at!

TrafficPartner at the Affiliate World Asia!

Nov 4th, 2016

A colorful combination of bustling streets, magically calming temples, exotic cuisine, joyful people and in the thick of it one of the biggest affiliate conferences of the continent. Of course we are talking about the Affiliate World Asia, which invites everyone to Bangkok in the time of the 5th till the 6th December.

TrafficPartner Group will be on-site and we use this opportunity to exchange knowledge and network with the global players of the business.

The attendees of the Affiliate World Asia get the expertise, collected over years from over 120 exhibitioners and 2000 affiliates, handed on a silver platter. Notable speakers like the founder of OkCupid, Googles solution manager, the client partner of Facebook and famous SEO-experts and affiliate specialists will share their experiences on stage.

Everyone from will offer you in this beautiful capital of Thailand our professional advice as well, tips, tricks and the best service any affiliate could ask for. It doesn’t matter if you search for us at the talk or the market: Whatever you need and wish for, we’re going to help you find it!

What are you waiting for? Meet us at the Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok!

TrafficPartner at the ad:tech in New York!

Sep 26th, 2016

Every year New York is the host of over hundred conferences. You can find everything from small fairs to global events. One of the biggest player for marketing and media producer is the ad:tech, which will be held at the Javits Center from the 2nd to the 3rd November.

2016 ad:tech is celebrating its 20ths anniversary and of course the team of TrafficPartner isn’t going to miss this out! The best of the best of the online advertising industry is awaiting you. The most important developments will be discussed at the conference: Marketing technologies, analytic tools and virtual reality are just some of those. Well-known persons like Michael Rosen from Foursquare, Nathan Lindberg from Twitch, Amanda Butler from Red Bull and many more will deliver interesting speeches.

The exhibition of the ad:tech is the must-attend event for all visitors. Over 200 exhibiting companies on the dynamic expo floor want to shake hands, talk about business and make deals.

TrafficPartner will be one of those contacts for you. We are going to help you figure out what is relevant for your business and how to make the most of your online advertising!

One of the most modern and impressive cities of the world is awaiting you and we are going to make sure that your trip will be worth its while.

So c’mon and meet us at the ad:tech in New York! For personal meetings just drop us an email at!

TrafficPartner tours Europe!

Aug 22th, 2016

The TrafficPartner team is on fire and focusing on Europe in September.

We are attending XBIZ Berlin (9/11 – 9/14), dmexco in Cologne (9/14 – 9/15), WebmasterAccess in Amsterdam (9/15 – 9/19) and The European Summit in Prague (9/20 – 9/23).

Meet our teams of DatingPartner, SGMPro and Digital Performance as well as Webbilling and CargoMedia – and let’s talk business!

For personal meetings just drop us an email at We are looking forward to meet you there!

TrafficPartner at the Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong!

Aug 15th, 2016

Meet at the Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong from August 29th till August 31st.

The AAE is the only B2B Platform in Asia Pacific. Discover the vast potential for the adult business that lies within its 49 countries with more than four billion people.

Come visit our booth B07 and let’s talk about how we can make the most of these promising opportunities together!

Pre-register now here for free! To get in touch with our sales team in advance, please contact!

Affiliate World Europe 2016

Jul 22th, 2016

If you are going to be in Berlin between the 18th and the 19th of July, don’t miss the opportunity to talk and listen to leaders and experts from around the world taking part in this event! They will be sharing their knowledge and innovative ideas on current topics and discussing the future of the industry. If you are interested in making an appointment with us, just drop us an email at See you there!

Welcome Stinger!

Jul 15th, 2016 announced that Sebastien Zankel aka Stinger will join the company as the Vice President of Monetization & Synergies. In this role, Stinger will work across all of TrafficPartner’s business units to develop and implement programs that will increase the synergies between TrafficPartner’s entities. He will also work closely with all the current and future partners to maximize theirs assets and increase their revenues for the European and international market. Stinger is a leading actor well known in the industry when it comes to the creation of relationships and setting the foundation of strong and profitable long term partnerships, always focusing on the synergy that will benefit all parts involved. He will make sure to maximize all assets, not only for, but also for all their partners. Stinger is a veteran who has held executive roles at some of the most progressive and creative brands, such as Gamma Entertainment and Hustler. He will now work on all the portfolio products of with its top brands in Europe, including among others: DatingPartner, SGMPro, Digital Performance, Webbiling, Mobilebilling and many more.

With his extensive experience leading Gamma and Hustler to one of the most creative and loyalty-inducing brands, Stinger is uniquely positioned to help bring further sophistication to the usage of data and analytics to connect even more partners with the business branch they are most passionate about. Michael Reul, Chief Executive Officer of, says: “I am more than happy that we will work together with this well-established industry veteran, whom I have personally known for almost 10 years. will highly benefit from Stingers’ extensive network and knowledge. He will act as our “Make More Money Manager” for all our partners. A warm “Willkommen” and “Vollgas” to Stinger!”

“It is a rare opportunity in a professional career to work in such a stellar company and to be able to leverage the many assets that has created over the years, to develop new engagement capabilities and revenue streams that will set the standard for an entire industry for many years to come. That is simply a dream position for me”, said Stinger. “ and I share the same vision for creating a more powerful connecting entity with all of our brands and partners. We really have all the products under one roof and want to become their one stop shop and prime partner to monetize all their assets not only for the European market that is blooming right now but all around the world. The goal is simple, Making More Money and working for our partners’ growth that will be a pleasure every single day.” is the umbrella brand for various companies, services and products in the traffic monetization space for both desktop and mobile. Founded in 1998 the company group grew substantially, both organically and via acquisitions. They employ close to 400 people and have offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, in the Netherlands and in the USA. Furthermore, they develop and run their own products and are active in the dating space in 14 countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Nordics, Australia and many more. covers price models such as RevShare as well as CPM, CPC, CPL to advertise their products via different channels. Here are some of their Business Units:,,,,,,

For media requests please contact:

Meet TrafficPartner at the Affiliate Summit East 2016!

Jun 17th, 2016

TrafficPartner Group will attend Affiliate Summit East in New York. You may find us at our Meet Market Table #119 on 31st of July.

To get in touch with our sales team in advance, please contact announces another partnership, this time with

May 24th, 2016

In Cooperation with, the Team of Will Push Its VR Live Cams Product to New Heights!

Cyberspace (May 24, 2016) – Only one week after its latest investment, was able to strike a deal with, currently the one and only virtual reality live cams service.

“The deal with is a sign that is ready to take the next step in growing and shaping the future of adult entertainment,” said Fabian Grey, CEO of “ will provide experience and guidance, and I am extremely pleased about the way the synergies will be of benefit for and its users.” is one of the most innovative high quality virtual reality live cam systems in the world. This is a huge advantage in the VR live webcam industry. TrafficPartner’s owners felt it was prudent to invest in virtual reality technology, which is expected to expand rapidly in the entertainment sector, as live web camming makes up a considerable share of the virtual reality industry. is currently the only cam service that streams VR live shows to its customers on a daily basis. The service consists of two HD streams that result in a crystal clear 3D live stream and manage to get a latency of only 400 milliseconds, which gives the user the incredible feeling of being in one room with the model he likes, while talking to her 1 on 1 in the private show. and are betting heavily on the ever growing market of virtual reality. Together they want to conquer this new segment of VR users that want an experience beyond the offers of regular 2D cam sites, which is why the development team behind built an immersive product allowing the user to get lost in an experience indistinguishable from reality.

The deal means has acquired shares in, while the company will benefit from TrafficPartner’s highly trained and successful expert teams. will help by driving traffic to and will also offer support in payment processing, conversion funnel optimization, monetization, sales and strategic planning. plans to immediately begin building up a marketing and sales team to work more closely with TrafficPartner’s media buying teams.

Media professionals interested in speaking about the new partnership with an representative can email to set up an interview.


The VR (virtual reality) revolution is here, and is at the forefront, combining tech and entertainment for a completely immersive experience. is an ahead of the state-of-the-art VR webcam service, providing adults anywhere via an instant and intimate connection with beautiful live models. Visitors to the site have 24/7 access to private and premium live cam shows with some of the sexiest women in the world. Appearing right before users’ eyes, the cam models are able to tease viewers and pleasure themselves before an array of virtually generated backgrounds and scenes thanks to AliceX’s VR technology. It’s more than virtual reality; it’s virtual ecstasy! For more information, please visit or

About is the umbrella brand for various companies, services and products in the traffic monetization space for both desktop and mobile. Founded in 1998 the company group grew substantially, both organically and via acquisitions. They employ close to 400 people and have offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, in the Netherlands and in the USA. Furthermore, they develop and run their own products and are active in the dating space in 14 countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Nordics, Australia and many more. covers price models such as RevShare as well as CPM, CPC, CPL to advertise their products via different channels. Here are some of their Business Units:,,,,,,

For media requests please contact: